Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cold Country Chili

This recipe derived from…AN ACCIDENT! I accidently thawed burger instead of steaks (they were all wrapped in white, freezer paper! Okay, I’m a little blonde.) Anyway, I threw together these ingredients and prayed that my husband wouldn’t notice. He quickly ate up one serving, then another, then…anyway…it was a success! So now, I’ll share my spicy/sweet blooper with you!
28 oz. can of baked beans (I use original but flavors would be yummy, I’m sure!)
1 lb. Hamburger
¼ C. Hot Sauce  (More or less to taste. This is what brings the spicy to compliment the sweet!)
¼ C. Chili Sauce
1 pkg. Chili Seasoning
3 T. Worcestershire Sauce
Salt to taste  (We like garlic or seasoned salt…yummm!)
1.    Brown burger (Sprinkle some salt on it if you wish, this ads more flavor.)
2.   Warm beans in a pot.
3.   Combine browned burger, beans, hot sauce, chili sauce, seasoning, Worcestershire sauce and salt.
4.   Let simmer until a delicious aroma fills your kitchen and your family’s tummies are grumbling.
5.   Garnish with cheese, sour cream, crackers, chives…really anything you want! Enjoy!
Don't be deceived! It looks like normal chili but really it's not! 

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