Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Antelope Steaks

Antelope steaks have a pretty bad rap. People think they’re gamey and there’s really no way to cook them. Well I’m married to a complete stud and that stud of  mine knows how to make your prairie goat taste mighty fine! His recipe goes like this:

Antelope steaks
Cooled (thus solid) bacon grease
“Cheez it” crackers

1. Get your fryin’ pan hot! (you can use a skillet if you’d rather)
2. Crunch up your cheez its in a bowl … make them really crumbly
3. Rub steak in bacon grease
4. Roll steak in cracker crumbs
5. Fry them right up!

This recipe is simple and very delicious. The next time a friend says they don’t like game meat serve them this and their minds will be turned right around!

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