Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bit o' Breakfast Bliss

This recipe really isn't anything too special. It's not won any awards but it has won the approval of the people under my roof. It's great for breakfast and is pretty snappy too!

1/2 potato for each person you'll be serving
1 C. of cheese for each potato used
2 slices of bacon for each person

1. Fry up bacon. All of it. Put it on a plate that is covered with a paper towel.
2. Slice potatoes into little squares.
3. Here's the real healthy part. Fry potatoes in bacon grease. (While you're frying them add some of your favorite seasonings)
4. Chopped fried bacon into nice little squares.
5. Mix the bacon squares in with the potatoes. Shred cheese into the mix.
6. When it is all melted together, serve! I'd suggest some toast on the side but that's up to you!

You could have already thought of this recipe for yourself. I know that I like new ideas so I thought I'd share this tasty one with you!

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