Monday, January 14, 2013

Sassy Seeds

You’ve had pumpkin seeds but have you ever had sassy seeds? Every fall we have pumpkins galore. I love to gut them out and use the pumpkin for baking, the seeds for eating and I even use the stem. Okay, I don’t use the stem but I do use everything else. My mom always spread the seeds out on a baking sheet, salted them and broiled them. We loved the seeds like that but this fall I made them a little bit differently.
Pumpkin seeds
Spice of your choice (season salt, garlic salt)
Worcestershire sauce, Soy sauce or Teriyaki sauce
They're rinsed...

     1. Rinse seeds
     2. Cover the bottom of a medium sized frying pan with the sauce of your choice and bring to boil.
     3. Throw seeds into the pan of boiling sauce (just don’t let the sauce splash ya!)
     4. Let boil until seeds become slightly brown (usually 15-20 min. depending on the amount of seeds you’re using)
     5.  Strain seeds, either save sauce in a different dish or dump it down the sink. You shouldn’t have very much sauce left over, the seeds should have sucked it all in.
They're still raw...
     6. Lay one layer of seeds on a baking sheet. Use your oldest sheet because this is pretty hard on new ones.
     7.  Sprinkle seeds with spice. Say that ten times fast.
     8.  Turn oven on broil at about 400 degrees. 
     9. Pop those seeds on in the oven and leave ‘em there till they are nicely tanned. You may now consider your kitchen a tanning salon, just don’t tell your man, he’ll think you’re strange.
     10. Let cool…eat ‘em up! 

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